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03-31-2015 GoBeyond_Icon_CMYK_pos_clrspace.jpg CMYK positive JPG Icon 190 KB
03-31-2015 GoBeyond_Icon_CMYK_pos.eps CMYK positive EPS Icon 606 KB
03-31-2015 GoBeyond_tag_CMYK_Pos.jpg CMYK positive JPG Tag 26 KB
03-31-2015 GoBeyond_tag_CMYK_Pos.eps CMYK positive EPS Tag 733 KB
03-31-2015 GoBeyond_tagwPeople_CMYK_pos_clrspace.eps CMYK positive EPS People 1.11 MB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_Icon_RGB_pos.jpg RGB positive JPG Icon 195 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_Icon_CMYK_pos_clrspace.png CMYK positive PNG Icon 23 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_Icon_RGB_pos_clrspace.png RGB positive PNG Icon 55 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_Icon_PMS_pos.eps PMS positive EPS Icon 164 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_Icon_RGB_pos.eps RGB positive EPS Icon 166 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_Icon_greyscale_pos.eps Greyscale positive EPS Icon 148 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_tag_RGB_Pos.jpg RGB positive JPG Tag 56 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_tag_RGB_Pos.png RGB positive PNG Tag 12 KB
02-04-2013 GoBeyond_tag_RGB_Pos.eps RGB positive EPS Tag 241 KB
02-01-2013 GoBeyond_tagwPeople_PMS_pos_clrspace.eps PMS Positive EPS People 453 KB

Go Beyond Visuals

Go Beyond Visual Type Tag File Format

Note to Printers: When printing spot colors pms 541 needs to be on the 45 degree screen angle and pms 298 needs to be on the 105 degree screen angle, or close equivalent depending on the output device.